ZILAU! | Zone Integrator via LesehanMOE by ART with Urbanlife | Growing 2gethere with YOI! ( Young & Older Integrity! ) is the main part of our Vision and Mission to present Forum and Information including Data ( FID ! ) which is the main goal in building a Seismic Data Bank.

With experience in empowerment and broadly we categorize it in terms of 4E (Education, Energy, Elifestyle and Empowerment) which makes FID! as an online store that has the meaning and meaning and energy of the FID Words Container! itself with the unlimited goal of interconnection between the villages themselves ( DESIGN : my Indonesian village ! ) .

It is our commitment to village icons in Indonesia, not only to become a brandmark for a village area, but also to have a brainmark so that each village has the advantage of being a Transformer Expeditor.